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Eya Labidi....

My Biography ....

As a young teenage girl, I was passionate about personal development and positivity since childhood.


Initiated by my mother, I deepened my knowledge by reading novels of the most famous and competent personal development authors, by doing researches, by attending online conferences, by watching videos ...


I concluded that I would like to continue on this path alongside my school.


For this reason, I decided to devote my free time and energy to developing myself and working on my goals.


Indeed, looking back now at my life and personality, I find that it has taken a 180-degree shore. Buried somewhere inside me, there was an untapped source of gifts that was unknown, untouched, unused. An unsuspected gold mine, a pearl that I had to extract.


I took advantage of the sanitary conditions (covid-19) and decided to mobilize all my knowledge, skills, and talents into benefiting the whole world.


Being a dynamic, creative, dedicated, persevering, and determined person. Ambitious to always discover, try, and experience new things, full of dreams and hopes. I decided to launch my own motivational website, blog, and YouTube channel. I also created an Instagram and Facebook page of motivation, positivity, and inspiration.


With a mission to help others achieve their dreams, believe in themselves, believe in their capacities, and find motivation, courage, and inspiration. Aiming to also help them find their true self, discover their strengths and talents. In short, my goal is to help people on their path to success and the life of their dreams.


Today, I am a certified happiness coach, motivational speaker, blogger, author, entrepreneur, junior journalist.

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